At Caleffi we believe in constant enhancement and we are aware that who interacts with us daily should tell us the truth about our job.

That's the reason why we regularly carry out a Customer Satisfaction Survey via a rather articulated questionnaire. We ask to chose among four indicators (below reported) to evaluate some aspects of Caleffi as a whole:




Q1) Product quality / performance level

Q2) Product packing / packaging

Q3) Delivery times

Q4) Delivery conditions

Q5) Completeness / adequacy and availability of technical information

Q6) Caleffi employee competency

Q7) Caleffi employee helpfulness / responsiveness

Customers were also invited to provide feedback with any suggestions, improvement proposals, and ideas concerning new products or services.

The following evaluation classes were defined:

  • Rating - Completely satisfied (IS=100)
  • Rating - Good (75<IS<99)
  • Rating - Acceptable (60<IS<74)
  • Rating - Poor (IS<60)

The average value of the customer satisfaction index IS is 90.11% (an improvement versus the previous figure of 89.60 in 2011).

We are satisfied about the results achieved and confident in the fact we will better over time, at least this is our aim. We take the opportunity to thank all those people who took part to the Survey.