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The Group

Caleffi is a group that includes several brands on an international level.


We are a solid multinational company with well-established production traditions in Italy and sales offices around the world.
We continue to invest in the future.
From Francesco Caleffi, our founder, we inherited the work ethic, commitment and desire to keep growing.
Values ​​that his son Marco, today at the head of the group, continues to pass on to all of us.


The company, a leader in the production of Italian-made components for domestic and industrial heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems, and an expert supplier of state-of-the-art system solutions, celebrates its sixtieth year of activity in 2021 and continues to invest in the future. This Italian company is at the heart of an international group which employs more than 1400 people in its various sales offices and branches throughout Europe, Americas, China and Australia.

This HVAC company has experienced great success in northern Europe and is a long-standing partner of Caleffi, thus allowing the group to develop a direct stronghold in the Anglo-Saxon area, specifically in United Kingdom and Ireland, through its highly qualified and particularly skilled sales organisation. Since 1987, customers in the area have been able to rely on products of the highest quality as well as the excellent service.

Established in 1978, RDZ is a leading company on the Italian entrepreneurial scene. UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified, it designs and creates underfloor heating and cooling systems, radiating heating and cooling systems for wall and ceiling installation, temperature regulating units and air treatment solutions for domestic and industrial systems. Over the last 10 years, around 7000 HVAC professionals have taken part in the renowned training courses at the company’s congress centre.

Established in 1988, All Valve Industries is a distributor of HVAC products that enjoys success on the Australian market.

A partner of Caleffi for many years, since 2011 it is an integral part of the Group: it markets our products effectively while retaining its management independence and multi‐brand sales model.

Within the Caleffi group, Pressco Spa is the company dedicated to the hot pressing and mechanical processing of brass. The pressing department consists of 21 presses ranging from 200 to 800 t, capable of producing items weighing between 40 g and 6000 g, and 7 robotic shearing platforms. Customers are offered a variety of surface finishes: black, polished, antique, belt polished and sandblasted with varying degrees of coarseness, in addition to the annealing and stress relieving heat treatments available. The mechanical processing department specialises in the production of caps (nuts) with various surface finishes and galvanic treatments: nickel plating, chrome plating, etc. New designs are analysed and all necessary equipment researched and created in-house.

Founded in 1949, CRISTINA Rubinetterie has grown over the years to become one of the great "protagonists" of the industry, a true point of reference in the sanitary fittings articles market, able to anticipate the trends of design and to propose innovative, beautiful, functional solutions attentive to the environment.

With 4 plants and a total of 35 thousand square meters of covered surface and 250 employees - CRISTINA S.r.l. is today more than ever proud of its made in Italy own production currently distributed to 70 countries.

Ekinex* is an initiative developed in 2012 thanks to a group of technical experts in automation and in particular of the KNX standard. After the development of a first set of certified products, in 2014 officially it published its website for the global market, operation that allows it to connect with the many operators of the home and building automation, architects and interior designers.

To date, Ekinex is directly present in 98 countries around the world by exporting its know-how and typically Italian quality design. Our research and development laboratories have created control systems for homes and buildings that combine the value of home automation technology and innovation, the aesthetics of design and attention to detail.

*non controlled entity

Fratelli Creola s.r.l. is a company in the galvanic industry specialising in chrome plating, nickel plating on frames and barrel nickel plating, which processes brass or copper components for the taps, fittings and valves industry. 
Established in 1957 by brothers Lorenzo and Quinto Creola, it soon made a name for itself for its focus on product quality and commitment to environmental protection. 
Carefully selected suppliers, quality raw materials, meticulously chosen workpiece frames, continuous staff training, increasingly automated equipment, and respect for the environment: these are the key success factors ensuring consistently high production standards in the long term. 
Fratelli Creola s.r.l. is spread out over a 5,000-square-metre facility in the industrial area of Gozzano, in the province of Novara.