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The vermilion heart of study and experimentation



Innovation is growth, of product and corporate culture.
From this perspective, the new Italian Research Centre CUBOROSSO was conceived. This 'red cube' represents the strength and the scientific character of Caleffi.


Designed by architect Francesco Rusconi-Clerici, the building was created as an exhibition of richness of instruments, equipment, controls, installed in a rigorous, modular, metallic box: iron expresses ductility and flexibility, as the entire Caleffi factory has demonstrated in its life 

  • Red in honor of the color of Italian science and technology 
  • Red to make the structure stand out in the territorial context in which it stands
  • A cube to bring together the solidity of the company and the scientific nature of research, a symbolism that encapsulates the essence of Caleffi's commitment: continuous improvement
CUBOROSSO attività centro ricerche

The center's activities include:

  • study and design of new products and systems for thermal and sanitary systems
  • study and design of new products and systems for solar thermal energy systems, heat pumps, and geothermal systems
  • studies on the applicability of new plant technologies
  • research and experimentation on new materials
  • homologation of new products and maintenance of existing homologations

Caleffi Experience

Showroom Caleffi

Housed inside the CUBOROSSO, the high-tech Caleffi Showroom is a space dedicated to our visiting customers, technical training and education moments.

Live the 360° experience, watch the video below!