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Better water management

Components for improved water management


The devices in heating and cooling systems are exposed to wear due to impurities in the thermal medium. If the impurities are not removed, they may cause problems such as blockages and clogging of the heat pumps, lower efficiency of the heat exchangers, irregular valve operation and insufficient heat transfer.

Our water treatment range is conceived to protect all devices at any stage of operation, guaranteeing maximum efficiency, an energy saving of up to 15 % and lower maintenance costs, thanks to careful management of the water within the system.

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Solutions for comfort

To remove impurities 

Soluzioni comfort
Solutions for long-lasting efficiency

To remove air

soluzioni per per rimuovere corrosioni e incrostazioni
Solutions offering protection

To prolong lifespan and remove corrosion and scale formation

le soluzioni caleffi
Caleffi Solutions

Our comprehensive range for a better water management

Solutions for comfort

Caleffi XS
To get rid of impurities

The impurities floating into water within the hydronic circuits can cause   not to be underestimated problems.

  • Irregular valve operation: this is due to impurities, which can stuck and cause poor regulation as well as leaks, such as in balancing valves among the others
  • Pumps blocking and clogging: these problems may be caused by suspended particles circulating through the pumps which can stuck into them, due to both their particular  geometry   and to the effect of the magnetic fields generated by the pumps themselves
  • Lower efficiency of the heat exchangers: deposits and scale build-up can significantly reduce the flow rates of both the medium and the heat exchanging surfaces alike

Installing a dirt separator filter removes impurities contained within the medium and guarantees user comfort.

The magnetic dirt separator filter

The impurity separating action of the magnetic dirt separator filter is based on a combination of  filtration and  dirt particles removal.

The impurity separating action of the magnetic dirt separator filter is based on the combination of multiple factors: dirt separation of impurities and filtration.
The first exploits the principle of precipitation by gravity, so that after just a few recirculations it is able to separate and deposit even particles with very low dimensions, the second one captures the particles that are as small as the mesh size. The magnet separates effectively the ferrous impurities.

Solutions for long-lasting efficiency over time

Discal serie 551
Air removal

The inconvenience caused by air in hydronic systems can be serious, for both users and  components alike:

  • Noise in the pipes and in the terminal units
  • Insufficient flow rates
  • Total circulation blockages 
  • Poor heat exchange between the emission terminals and the environment
  • Corrosion of the system
  • Cavitation

An in-depth analysis together with the elimination of micro-bubbles helps to avoid temporary solutions that are not very effective.


The deaerator

The deaerator is designed to separate the air inside heating and cooling systems.

It removes micro-bubbles automatically and with a minimal pressure drop. It reduces wear on boilers, heat exchangers and pipes.

Solutions offering protection

Condizionanti chimici Caleffi
Removing corrosion and scale build-up to prolong lifespan

Corrosion in the system can weaken pipes, radiators and heat exchangers. The oxygen in the air is often the main cause. Adding special chemical products to   the system prevents this problem.

Chemical additives act from inside to preserve the system lifespan.

Chemical additives

These cutting-edge solutions maintain the long-term efficiency of the systems, performing different functions according to type.

Deep-cleaning products
They eliminate dirt, deposits, metal oxides, grease, oil, biocides, antifreeze products and processing residues, even in damaged systems
Products for long-lasting protection
Corrosion and scale inhibitors, biocides and antifreeze products are essential in protecting radiator or underfloor heating systems
Products for maintaining efficiency
Sealants, noise reducing valves and pH stabilisers reduce micro-fissures, limit unwanted noise and keep a stable pH, contributing to the overall efficiency of the system as a whole

Caleffi Solutions for a better water management