The Caleffi Green

The Caleffi Green

The Caleffi Green

The Caleffi Green is a project strongly supported by our President Marco Caleffi.

This project was conceived with the aim of raising awareness of the role that we can all play and how we can contribute to sustainable development.

For us, sustainability means ensuring environmental, social and economic well-being for future generations by combining thermal comfort and water and energy savings, which are guaranteed by our products.

The Caleffi Green in numbers
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Recovery of incoming polyethylene packaging
Recupero sfrido metalli
Recovery and reuse of production metal scrap
Recupero sfrido plastiche
Recovery and reuse of production plastic scrap
The Caleffi Green Our commitment
Our commitment

In the last few years, we have opted to maintain a short supply chain: in fact, today, 98.7% of the raw materials used to manufacture Caleffi products are sourced from Europe, and 85% exclusively from Italy.

This conscious choice allows us to directly and continuously monitor our suppliers, significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and make sure that we do not source our materials from countries where human labour is not valued, respected and developed.

The Caleffi Green Sustainability
Sustainability as a real commitment

We are aware of the fact that innovation is not enough to keep pace with market demands: we need to take responsibility for the choices we make, which affect all stakeholders and the territory. Sustainability has now become a tangible, widely endorsed concept, and change is not only necessary and unavoidable, but is being demanded by many.

In 2015, the UN 2030 Agenda charted a course for global sustainable development, and more and more consumers are rewarding the efforts made by companies to implement policies aimed at achieving these goals. 


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Solutions for a more sustainable future

The ideal balance of performance and a sustainable approach.