The Caleffi Green

The Caleffi Green

The Caleffi Green

The Caleffi Green is a project strongly supported by our President Marco Caleffi.

This project was conceived with the aim of raising awareness of the role that we can all play and how we can contribute to sustainable development.

For us, sustainability means ensuring environmental, social and economic well-being for future generations by combining thermal comfort, water conservation and energy savings, which are guaranteed by our products.

The Caleffi Green Our commitment
Our commitment

In the last few years, we have opted to maintain a short supply chain: in fact, today, 98.7% of the raw materials used to manufacture Caleffi products are sourced from Europe and 85% exclusively from Italy.

Our approach to our stakeholders will also change. We will place greater emphasis on supplier assessment, on the management of the supply chain and the impact that, both upstream and downstream of our operations, it may have in social, environmental and governance terms.

Count on us to continue to provide longstanding guidance in energy efficient design and renewable energy integrations from our rich educational resources culminated from our commitment to Excellence in Education.

The Caleffi Green Sustainability
Sustainability as a real commitment

We are aware of the fact that innovation is not enough to keep pace with market demands: we need to take responsibility for the choices we make, which affect all stakeholders and the territory. Sustainability has now become a tangible, widely endorsed concept, and change is not only necessary and unavoidable, but is being demanded by many.

In 2015, the UN 2030 Agenda charted a course for global sustainable development, and more and more consumers are rewarding the efforts made by companies to implement policies aimed at achieving these goals. 

As a reflection of Caleffi’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint, learn how North America's building expansion is a pledge to a sustainable, innovative, and prosperous future.

The Caleffi Green – Creating innovative, superior performance hydronic and plumbing products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.  ###

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