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Creating innovative, superior performance hydronic and plumbing products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.

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Made in Italy

We are a leading Italian manufacturer of innovative products for heating, cooling, plumbing and process works applications.  Our expertise is the control of temperature, pressure and flow of water-based fluids.  Our products range from control valves, balancing devices and flow switches to zone relays and heat meters.

Caleffi is a Group that includes several brands on an international level.  The Group is made up of four owned companies (CALEFFI, PRESSCO, RDZ, CRISTINA), two multi-brand controlled companies (ALTECNIC, ALLVALVE) and nine branches.

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Constantly evolving company

Our 11 plants are established in Italy for strategic reasons:  this allows us to ensure compliance with quality standards imposed not only by international regulations but also by intentional corporate choices.  Control is effective and monitored in-house on 100% of production.

The Caleffi Group has over 1,640 employees worldwide and distributes to over 90 countries with 495 million euros of consolidated turnover for 2022.

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