idronics:  A journal of design innovation


A journal of design innovation for hydronic, plumbing and renewable energy professionals.

The reason why idronics™ was conceived

"idronics is demonstrably instrumental in improving the work results of professionals in the plumbing and HVAC industries. 

There have been frequent requests to make the information even more available. Thus the interactive idea was born."

idronics™ is a complimentary educational journal series for hydronic, plumbing and renewable energy professionals to aid them in system design, component application and selection. The popular and frequently referenced publication is written by engineers and oriented towards innovative design techniques with a commitment to continuous education of North American professionals. 

The semi-annual journal is provided in print or an interactive experience can be discovered at  Since 2007, a quarter million subscription print copies have been issued with the top subscribing segments being designers, contractors, wholesalers and fellow manufacturers. 

idronics originated from and is inspired by idraulica, which Caleffi S.p.A. first launched in 1991.

Caleffi Idraulica online
The website

Caleffi now provides interactive access to the journal at  The website optimizes access for mobile, tablets and desktop devices.  The content is fully searchable and is complemented with video and resource links. 

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