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How was Idraulica born?


"Plant engineering is not an exact science, it is the application of theories and formulas, sometimes even creativity in solving contingent situations. 

We tried to make our suggestions through our magazine."

The Idraulica magazine was born in 1991 following a very precise reflection by Francesco Caleffi: "What could I do, as an Entrepreneur, to be of help to designers and installers, that is to those I consider my external collaborators?"

It was therefore a free tool to support its technical readers in the continuous evolution of plant engineering technology, an evolution that would require an ever-increasing amount of knowledge and increasingly qualified professional work.

It was immediately clear that it would also become a useful tool for schools, managing to reduce the gap that generally exists between theoretical teaching and operational reality.

Rivista Idraulica Caleffi
What is Idraulica about?

The common thread that runs through all issues of Idraulica is the optimisation of systems, whether it be actions to protect the water mains, temperature regulation, balancing, important measures in the upgrading of existing systems, or the use of alternative energies. 

Caleffi Idraulica online
The website

Starting from January 2020, the Idraulica magazine has also become a website.

The hierarchical structure of the chapters will continue to respect that of the printed edition, but in addition it will be possible to read articles from all issues of Idraulica by choosing a specific topic

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Where it all started

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Some sketches from the past

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