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Coffee with Caleffi™

A complimentary technical training webinar

The popular education series, Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online technical training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.  The complimentary one-hour sessions are conducted by Caleffi personnel including Max Rohr, our Director of Education and Technical Marketing, and features industry expert guest speakers.   

Registration is required for real-time attendance.  After registering, you will be immediately forwarded a confirming email containing login details for attending the webinar.  When training time comes, grab a coffee, tune in and learn more about Caleffi’s innovative products and how they can add value to your work.

A Certificate of Attendance is emailed to all attendees following the webinar.

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Coffee with Caleffi
Coffee with Caleffi

Thermal Balancing for DHW: Size, Select, Apply
Thursday, May 23, 2024
12:00 - 1:00pm CDT 

The Ask Caleffi team is back to talk about the various applications for thermal balancing valves in domestic hot water (DHW) applications.  Cody Mack and Kevin Freidt will discuss the options thermal balancing technology present to designers and installers. This discussion will cover the many ways to keep recirculation energy energy efficiency high and water waste low  in a plumbing system. 

You'll learn:

→ What are the applications for thermal balancing?
→ Is thermal disinfection of Legionella bacteria in scope? (yes, no or maybe)
→ How do you size a thermal balancing valve?
→ What are the frequently asked questions from installers? 

Cody is the National Training Manager at Caleffi North America.  He has nearly 20 years of experience in several roles, which include installation contractor, service technician, application engineer and product manager, across the plumbing and heating industry.

Kevin is the Director of Product Management and Technical Support at Caleffi North America. He has more than 40 years of engineering experience in the commercial HVAC, plumbing and heating industry.

Coffee with Caleffi
Coffee with Caleffi

Small-Scale Hydronic Cooling
Thursday, June 20, 2024
12:00 - 1:30PM CDT 

Air-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps are often equipped with refrigerant reversing valves, allowing them to function as chillers.  Small-scale chilled water cooling systems can be configured for various heating/cooling loads, client expectations, and budgets.  When properly designed and installed, these systems provide several advantages over competing cooling methods.  However, critical details must be accounted for in order to avoid problems and maintain system performance.  John Siegenthaler, P.E., will cover all these topics and more in this 90-minute webinar.

Topics of discussion:
→ Is it necessary to insulate PEX piping when distributing chilled fluids?
→ Is there more than one way to zone chilled water cooling?
→ Can a heat pump provide both cooling and domestic hot water during the summer?
→ What approach can be used to provide multi-zone heating along with single-zone cooling?

Siegenthaler is a seasoned industry leader and passionate teacher, eager to share his over 40 years of experience in the understanding and proper application of water-based engineering principles with our audience. He is the principal of Appropriate Designs and a regular contributor to industry publications.

Coffee with Caleffi
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