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Sustainable comfort for HVAC systems

Energy efficiency and safeguarding the environment


The new heating and cooling system solutions are redefining the way in which we live and interact within our homes. Intended to maximise energy efficiency and ensure domestic comfort, the HVAC innovation is a useful tool in promoting a sustainable lifestyle that respects the environment.

Our range of products for heating and cooling systems combines comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability while promoting greater awareness of consumption, which translates into more responsible behaviour and a significant reduction in energy costs for users.

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Solutions to optimise energy consumption in small buildings

Direct heat interface unit SATK22

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Solutions to optimise energy consumption in large buildings

Indirect heat interface unit SATK32

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Caleffi Solutions

Our comprehensive range of products for HVAC systems

Solutions to optimise energy consumption in small buildings

SATK22303 Caleffi
Direct heat interface unit SATK22

For smaller-sized buildings that require flexible and efficient heating management, the SATK22 direct heat interface unit is the ideal solution.

SATK22 is “direct”, i.e. it does not require a separating heat exchanger. This makes it particularly suited to low-temperature systems, such as those using radiant panels, or to medium- and high-temperature systems, such as those using fan-coils and radiators. Its flexibility means it can adapt to various heating requirements while always guaranteeing optimal comfort and a high level of energy efficiency.

  • Versatile Application: manages various system configurations with ease
  • Energy Efficiency: optimises consumption and reduces the carbon footprint
  • Easy Maintenance: reduces service time and costs

Solutions to optimise energy consumption in large buildings

Caleffi STK32
Indirect heat interface unit SATK32

For multi-floor buildings where static pressure plays a critical role, the SATK32 indirect heat interface unit is the best choice.

SATK32 incorporates a heat exchanger to separate the primary circuits and the apartment circuits, and can manage low-, medium- and high-temperature heating systems, offering versatility and optimal performance levels.

  • High Level of Protection: protects the circuits in buildings with high pressure requirements
  • Sustainable Approach: designed for integration with renewable energy sources
  • Operating Flexibility: offers effective solutions for all heating requirements

Advantages Common to SATK Solutions

SATK22 and SATK32 heat interface units help to improve the efficiency and comfort offered by hydraulic systems inside buildings. This is because variable flow rate systems reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of the systems used for heating/cooling and for domestic hot water (DHW) production. 
They improve thermal efficiency, encourage the use of renewable energies and reduce costs and heat loss while simplifying the piping network and ensuring a prompt supply of hot water in line with current regulations, without requiring complex recirculation networks.

  • Protection from the risk of Legionella: local domestic hot water (DHW) production prevents the proliferation of this bacteria because the hot water is only produced as it is used
  • DHW takes priority over heating: this maximises performance and comfort
  • Easy and occasional maintenance: minimal risk of limescale deposits and easy access to components for maintenance purposes
  • Versatile remote control: the HIU control device performs the dual function of user interface and room chrono-thermostat 

Caleffi Solutions for sustainable comfort for HVAC systems