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Caleffi Mission


Being a leader in 90 countries, in the era of globalization, means implementing homogeneous internationalization processes, focusing on innovation and respecting the cornerstones of our philosophy.


The success of our company is based on total quality, which depends on the quality of every single operation involved in the whole production process.

Therefore, all the actions of our staff (from design through production to after-sales service) are important.

For us, even the smallest detail is important, as it can have a significant and positive impact on the whole system. Well aware of these issues, Caleffi is committed to working in a manner that makes every member of its staff feel directly involved and an integral part of the process that contributes to the final quality.

We therefore aim - and this is our philosophy - to promote choices that favor human resources and innovation, to be pursued within the context of a strict moral code, which through our deeds, attests to our fairness and respect for the commitments made.


We are the acknowledged leader in the production of heating and air conditioning components for domestic and industrial use in Italy and it is our aim to maintain this number one position throughout the country.

We are present in more than 90 different countries and operate through local branch offices. We firmly believe in uniform and coordinated internationalisation.
Our goal for the future is to implement an intercultural marketing programme based on shared, common values.

We intend to intensify our R&D programme in the attempt to satisfy the real market requirements because we know that increased technical capabilities and better technology are key factors for doing business in the contemporary world.


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Customer Care

We want our customer services to be increasingly scrupulous and attentive to the needs of our customers, delivering services, consulting and technical support developed specifically to meet their needs.

Respect for the environment

We aim to guarantee that energy and raw materials are used sparingly, respecting the environment we live in as far as possible.

The working environment

We want to work in a safe and comfortable working environment, making sure that everyone is aware of the risks involved in their own activities. An environment which creates a further incentive for personal and professional development.

Professional training

We aim to assure continuous training, which we feel is crucial for being able to face the challenges presented by the continuous evolution of technology.

Relations with our collaborators

We feel that it is both legitimate and important that these relations be based on mutual and essential loyalty, transparency and collaboration.

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Corporate responsibility

We want to work with due regard for the fair economic, social and environmental expectations of all private and public parties involved in our company’s activities.

Observance of the Law and the Code of Ethics

We are committed to working in compliance with the law and all regulations in force, as well as supporting ethically correct behaviour that does not compromise the moral and professional reliability of our company.