Bilancio di sostenibilità 2023

Our Certified Sustainability Report


We lead a multinational Group and have chosen to measure our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities so that we can set our future evolution without neglecting any aspect.


”Every action is part of a more complex evolutionary process.
We are what we do, but also how we do it.”


With these words, our President Marco Caleffi invites us to read the new Certified Sustainability Report 2023.

This year too, we have drawn it up voluntarily as evidence of a clear operational business approach and a belief that our President imparts throughout the entire Caleffi Group, ensuring everyone is involved and adds value.

The Caleffi Green

We believe in a greener everyday life that embraces more aspects of corporate life. Not only processes and products, but also people and the surrounding environment, from an ESG perspective (environmental, social, and governance criteria).

We are committed to positive behavior towards all our resources, our stakeholders, the territory, even educating the new generations who will be part of Caleffi in the next decade.

To give greater visibility to what we do, we have created a page that describes our commitment on various levels, gathers our vision and some of our concrete actions under the umbrella of The Caleffi Green.

We build more sustainable futures with heating and plumbing solutions that redesign comfort and contribute to improving energy efficiency.

Sustainability report
Sustainability Report 2023