Caleffi components for solar thermal system

Pump stations for solar thermal systems



Pump stations are used on the primary circuit of solar thermal systems to control the temperature in the hot water storage. The pump inside the units is activated by the signal arriving from the regulator. The units contain the functional and safety devices for optimum circuit control. They are available with flow and return connection or with return connection only.

The return connection is available in versions with or without fitting for connection to the digital regulator.

The DeltaSol® C+ digital regulator (optional) is suitable for management and control of 9 different types of solar thermal system also in a version with an insulating casing and protective panel (code 278001).


1) Grundfos Solar 15-65 or 15-80 circulation pump

2) Safety relief valve with adjustable outlet type 253 series

3) Fill/drain cock with control level

4) Instrument holder fitting with pressure gauge

5) Flow meter

6) Deaerator with air vent and shut-off valve with check valve

7) Flow temperature gauge

8) Return temperature gauge

9) Pre-formed shell insulation

10) Shut-off ball valve with check valve with temperature gauge holder knob

11) Connection kit for expansion vessel (optional)

12) Display with synoptic panel and temperature readings

13) Adjustment button

14) Temperature probe

15) Stainless steel probe pocket code 257004 (optional)

16) Hose connection

17) Insulating casing with protective panel and regulator code 27800

18) Mounting bracket