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It's name is Caleffi Domestic Water Sizer allows fast and correct sizing of the main components of domestic water systems. This is the mobile vorsion of the homonimous desktop sizer online on this website. Caleffi wants to be at your workplace all day long.

How does it work and which are its features? We remind you them here below.

By inserting the specific design data, products suitable for the use conditions are proposed.
The app makes it possible to save the design report in PDF format, showing the inserted data, the calculated data and technical documentation in attachment.

It is possible to quickly size the following components:

•    Pressure reducing valves.
By inserting the functional parameters (upstream pressure, downstream setting pressure, working temperature) and the design flow rate (which can be calculated by a specific tool according to different user types), thanks to the automatic calculation of the medium velocity the codes of Caleffi components, optimal for the application, are proposed.

•    Mixing valves.
As for the pressure reducing valves, the flow rate, if unknown, can be calculated by means of the specific tool. After choosing the mixing valve type among thermostatic, electronic and for solar thermal systems, codes of Caleffi components are proposed according to the optimal head loss calculation in order to guarantee correct water mixing and temperature adjustment.

•    Domestic water storage.
In case of domestic hot water production with storage, the app makes it possible to size the water storage volume according to the most common user categories. The calculated volume can be taken into consideration for the expansion vessel selection with the dedicated sizer

•    Expansion vessel.
The expansion vessel can be calculated by inserting the functional parameters (inlet pressure at the water storage, setting pressure of the safety relief valve, temperature of the water storage). Solutions are proposed with single or double expansion vessel.


Caleffi develops and produces components for heating, air conditioning and domestic water systems, heat metering systems and specific components for renewable energy systems.