Caleffi MCE 2016

MCE 2016: we're ready



On Caleffi stand, not only products, but the company itself as well, with all that this entails - solid values, high aspirations, real people.


Designed by the architect Giorgia Giordano of Kibox, the Caleffi stand at MCE 2016 won't just be putting our products on display, but will actually be taking the opportunity to showcase Caleffi as a company - with all that this entails - solid values, high aspirations, real people and the places where we get things done.

A cursory glance will soon show anyone how close Italian manufacturing is to Caleffi's heart: the predominating colours are white, red and green: a deliberate and strategic choice representing the Italian flag. What could better express Caleffi's deeply-rooted pride in its nation's talent? This conviction has accompanied it for 55 years now.

The stand is made up of three main spaces, each one conveying a definite architectural and symbolic meaning:


The industrial slant and technical materials clearly show how strongly we identify with the Italian engineering sector - an area which has quickly grown and ably expanded on an international level, without ever betraying the intrinsic elegance of its traditional roots. Our manufacturing core has not changed, yet we have forged into world markets with giant strides and broadened our offer of component parts for heating and hydronic systems to cater for a constantly evolving market. 

The upper part of the stand, looming impressively over the 300 square metres of the product area, was devised to strike the onlooker with its dramatic look. It is the crowning glory of the Caleffi stand - defining its essence and drawing attention to the exhibition below. On a communicative level, it is the prop which represents the product area with its oversized icon.



This is the greatest novelty for our improved set-up at MCE 2016. Operationally speaking, our RED CUBE is the beating heart which has pumped out new products and innovative projects for almost a decade now. Caleffi has decided to bring it along to the trade fair and show it off in an ingenious way: by exploiting the power of digital communication and turning it into an exciting experience which speaks of the company's calibre and its constant investment in research and development.

From an architectural point of view, it is a striking landmark and the nucleus of the entire stand, acting as a wheel hub from which the other units fan out geometrically.

From an ideological point of view, it depicts Caleffi as a company - not only from a structural point of view, but more importantly as a portrayal of its traditional values and human content.



Our attention to our guests and our desire to build up a team spirit is perfectly expressed in this welcoming setting which has been furnished in warm and comfortable materials. We want this to be an enjoyable moment, intense yet serene - a special place offering privacy with a pleasant harmonious touch. And a surprise that we won't unveil.



HALL 7 STAND A41-51 / C42-52