Stand Install Fest

Install Fest Ukraine is back!


Install Fest Ukraine is back and we are proud to be attending this show again!

This Professional exhibition set in Ukraine targets installers and designers of heating, water and air conditioning systems. It is a completely new format for the product presentation in the HVAC and Plumbing industry.

The exhibition was established a few years ago with the aim to create a professional platform for large and well-known manufacturers of HVAC-market equipment with the purpose to the maximum extent effectively to deliver all technical information about equipment and innovations to Ukrainian installers and designers.

Caleffi’s been collaborating with the organizers to set this event up and keep it alive since then.

Education in our field is one of our goals still as well as helping the economy of Ukraine to grow again.

Here you are a small preview of our stand and a short list of the products we’re going to focus on:

The iStop® antifreeze valve 108 series that prevents ice from forming in the circuit of a heat pump system, avoiding potential damage to the machine and pipes.

The CALEFFI XF magnetic filter allows unparalleled heat pump system cleaning for a continuous protection from impurities.

The CALEFFI XS® extra small under-boiler magnetic filter separates all impurities contained within wall-mounted boiler systems, keeping them running efficiently in the long term and minimising energy consumption.

We support energy transition and strive for more efficient systems.


1st - 3rd JUNE 2023

Stand Install Fest Kiev