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The Art of Balancing


Caleffi has been operating with great results in the Chinese HVAC market since 1998.
To celebrate and thank all those who made this success possible, our branch organized a big event in Beijing with the sponsorship of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC).

Augusto Massari, Head of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Italian Embassy in China welcomed our guests with these words. “We are here today to celebrate the Caleffi Group for its longstanding presence and contribution to the Chinese market…this is not a launch, it is a re-launch.

In the occasion, Sergio Casarino, Business Director Worldwide, revealed the intention of the company to invest even more resources to develop this important market, and Dario Shu, our local branch Chief Representative, introduced the audience (RE companies, system designers, installers and HVAC distributors) to The Art of Balancing, which guarantees energy saving and comfort. Caleffi intends, in fact, to help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening impact on the environment. The more an hydronic system is well conceived and balanced and the more it foresees the installation of products that reduce possible malfunctioning, the more people feel comfort  and reduce waste of energy and money.