Circuit safety with the 580011 automatic unit


In the last few years, air conditioning systems have become extremely efficient, offering increased performance and reduced consumption, with a lower impact on the environment in terms of both energy savings and reduced polluting emissions. However, in order to ensure high standards throughout the system, appropriate precautions must be taken.

The characteristics of the water fed into the closed circuit are a crucial starting point. The water is softened, demineralised and conditioned as needed. Its characteristics reach levels that are hazardous to health.

This is why a domestic hot water circuit needs to be protected against potential “pollution”, as set out in the EN 1717 standard.

In fact, the water used in air conditioning systems undergoes changes that make it no longer suitable for human consumption, which is why it is important to use devices that prevent backflow, i.e. backflow preventers.

Here is an example of an application diagram that is easy to understand and is sure to be effective:

Filling of heating systems, wit additives

Claudio Ardizzoia, Standards and Product Marketing Plumbing Manager, says:

‘Water is an asset that should be protected. The distribution of high quality, safe water is essential. At a time when particular emphasis is being placed on eliminating plastic and packaging, direct tap water usage will keep increasing. Real-life cases of contamination of the water supply are occurring and becoming part of public consciousness, seriously risking people’s health and damaging the networks which need to be sanitised. Users must be guaranteed safe water which is always checked and protected from potential contamination, utilising all the instruments and devices that modern system solutions places at our disposal. Backflow prevention devices, developed in the 1960s and introduced in Italy over thirty years ago, are still the most suitable equipment today. Being familiar with them and applying them meticulously should improve things here in Italy.’

At Caleffi, we offer an all-in-one solution: the new compact automatic charging unit with backflow preventer - 580011 series, which is composed of two shut-off valves with an inspectable strainer, a BA-type controllable reduced pressure zone backflow preventer and an automatic filling unit.

It is installed on the water inlet piping in closed circuit heating systems. The group stabilises the pressure of the system at a preset value, automatically topping up with water as required. The backflow preventer prevents the contaminated water in the closed heating circuit from flowing back into the domestic water supply network.

580011 Characteristic components

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