Caleffi at Aquatherm

Caleffi at the AQUATHERM 2022 in Moscow


With a great pleasure we are informing you about a participation of Caleffi at one of the important events in the HVAC segment of the Russian market – AQUATHERM Moscow International Exhibition XXVI Edition, in collaboration with our reliable and long-term partner, ForceTherm Systems.

After almost two years of an interruption, caused by COVID-19, Caleffi is coming up to the main scene, as a key player, offering a great variety of hydronic solutions for heating, sanitary and plumbing systems.

This time we are eager to focus our visitors’ attention on the following products selected for the Russian market and present at the booth of our partner:

  • CALEFFI XS® The extra small under-boiler dirt separator filter is a brand new product launch: for most wall-mounted boilers, its technical approach is based on three principles: filtration that traps impurities; a magnetic field that separates ferrous particles; a calming chamber for the dirt to settle. Small, stylish and functional.
  • CALEFFI XP The small under-boiler polyphosphate dispenser. Its technical performance is based on three operational features: it limits the formation of limestone both in the sanitary system and in the devices connected to it; it helps to maintain the original performance of the heat exchange in the boiler as well as in the exchanger for hot sanitary water production, and the last but not the least, it counteracts corrosion and progressively heals plants which are already partially encrusted and subjected.
  • DYNAMICAL® The dynamic distribution manifold for radiant panel underfloor systems is a cutting-edge solution for an automatic balancing of underfloor heating systems. It allows the automatic dynamic balancing and pressure-independent adjustment of the thermal medium in the individual circuits of underfloor heating systems.

A warm welcome to all the visitors of our booth at Aquatherm 2022 Moscow.


15th – 18th February 2022

Moscow, Krokus-Expo, International Exhibition Centre

Pavilion 3, Hall 13,