Caleffi Company Profile

Flowing Expertise. Some people go with the flow. We are the flow.


With our heating and plumbing solutions, we redesign comfort. We have been doing this for many years. 

Each of us is a drop in a sea of constantly evolving expertise.

Our focus is on today and tomorrow so that we can always be a partner of choice.

We took a look in the mirror and listened to ourselves. This is how the new Caleffi Company Profile was born.

It is the story of our corporate life and of our daily activities that lends itself to free-flowing storytelling, which is also packed with events, facts, figures and the values we want to share.

We let it flow towards our existing partners, to highlight the fact that a well-established relationship is worthwhile, and towards those who do not yet know us, to offer tangible examples of what MADE IN CALEFFI is all about.