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Environmental responsibility and innovation: our processes and products at MCE 2024


It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our participation at the 43rd edition of MCE, which will be held in Fiera Milano from 12 to 15 March.

This year, you will find us in HALL 3, STAND A41-51 C42-52, in the space dedicated to Indoor Climate, which presents the most innovative solutions demanded by the continuously evolving market.
We are aligned with the theme of the trade fair: 'Beyond comfort', which focusses on innovation, efficiency and environmental, economic and social sustainability: we present how we are and act in everyday life, in support of the energy transition process that also affects domestic systems. 

We exhibit our products and highlight the benefits they offer installers, private individuals and the environment in terms of energy savings and resource protection. 
When inserted properly in a hydrothermal, domestic water or mechanical ventilation system, each Caleffi component contributes to improving management, quality and comfort, as well as reducing consumption and waste. That is why we continue our commitment to training: to inform and spread knowledge for the benefit of everyone who comes into contact with us and the broader market.  


What products will be on the Caleffi stand?


Components for heat pump systems support the energy transition and have become one of our main cores in recent years:

  • *NEWS* CALEFFI HED® 5116 series: high efficiency deaerator specifically for heat pump systems
  • CALEFFI XF 577 series: semi-automatic self-cleaning magnetic filter, recommended for protecting heat pump systems from dirt and impurities
  • iStop® 108 series: antifreeze valve to protect heat pumps from cold 
  • 548551 series: stainless steel buffer tank-hydraulic separator for hybrid systems


Controlled mechanical ventilation systems for sustainable air comfort, especially necessary in new hyper-insulated domestic environments:

  • *NEWS* new AIR113: HRV unit featuring universal installation 


Domestic water system components to protect water and human health:

  • 539H series: combined group for pressure control in domestic water systems 


Heat system components - sustainable comfort from heating and cooling systems. 

  • 7200 series: heat cost allocator for vertical distribution systems


stand MCE 2024

The Caleffi stand icon remains CUBOROSSO. The same structure with new transparent LED screen technology on which the exciting The Caleffi Green video is projected, adapted to the new context.
Inside, modern technical decor accompanies the visitor through two paths that relate the steps of the production process for the new CALEFFI HED® and CALEFFI XF. A combination of video and physical parts taken in the factories will highlight investments in research and development, improvements in production processes, maximization of product quality and reduction in raw material waste and energy consumption.  

We invite you to take part in this concrete experience, to see the composites and brass first hand and to experience our sustainable commitment that extends to conscious use of resources.

We look forward to seeing you at MCE HALL 3, STAND A41-51 C42-52

If you will not be able to attend MCE, follow us on our social media Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to experience it live, see behind the scenes and much more.

Our commitment was reported and published in “black and white” through the Sustainability Report 2022, which was drafted voluntarily during 2023 and is updated constantly.

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