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PRESSCO awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certification


We are proud to announce that on 2nd February 2024 Pressco S.p.A. was awarded BSI QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM certification, in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2015, with the following objective: the hot pressing and mechanical processing of non-ferrous components.


The journey

The journey leading Pressco S.p.A. to achieve ISO 9001 certification has been a positive opportunity for sharing best practices across the entire Caleffi group to which Pressco belongs. The exchanging of consolidated experiences and knowledge with its Parent Company has highlighted the value of Being a Group, allowing Pressco to organise and apply the Quality Management System efficiently, with a positive impact on certification times and mutual growth alike. This certification is a formal and meaningful recognition of the excellent organisational skills of Pressco S.p.A., which has been operating in the market for over 70 years and is already widely recognised within the industry for its Quality.

Today, Pressco’s Quality Management System is aligned with that of its Parent Company, to ensure the coherence and continuity of their processes.
ISO 9001 certification provides an additional guarantee for Pressco’s customers, who already recognise and value its organisational solidity, credibility and reliability, the quality of its products and the efficiency of its processes, as well as the attention it gives to customer relationships. 
If, on one hand, ISO 9001 certification is a goal in itself, on the other hand it represents a starting point for Pressco in launching processes for continuous improvement, aimed at ensuring the company remains competitive to retain its position at the forefront of the market.


A summary of ISO 9001 advantages

  • Increased customer satisfaction and trus
  • Effective quality control processes
  • Savings on costs and increased productivity
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • More attractive to potential overseas and domestic customers
  • More structured and monitored processes
  • Written transmission of know-how

In particular, we would like to thank the Pressco team for making this achievement possible.