Pipe Sizer

Dimenzioniranje cijevi

Za dimenzioniranje cijevi (zraka i vode) i izračun gubitka tlaka.

Caleffi Boru Boyutlandırıcı
Pipe Sizer
  • Ova aplikacija omogućava dimenzioniranje i izračune za cijevi i kanale koji provode vodu ili zrak, za termoelektrane ili elektrane na zrak.
  • Baza podataka aplikacije sadrži najčešće tipove cijevi podijeljene na najčešće materijale, geometrije i veličine, a moguće je postaviti željene mjerne jedinice za sve korištene fizičke veličine.

What can you do with Pipe Sizer?


For both types of fluids (water – even water-glycol mixtures – or air), the application allows for making calculations for various purposes:


Calculation of distributed head losses in existing or pre-selected pipes

Distributed head losses refer to sections of linear pipes. After selecting the type, size and length of the pipe to be calculated, and specifying necessary data such as the fluid's temperature and the rated flow, the application calculates the total head loss of the pipe section, the linear head loss and the speed of the fluid under the specified conditions.

Sizing of pipes

If the pipes need to be sized, this mode allows for calculating the optimal dimensions of the pipe based on the project parameters specified by the user. In addition to the type and length of the pipe section to be sized, the fluid's temperature and the rated flow, it is possible to set the typical project parameters by choosing between linear head loss or fluid speed, or both, in order to size the pipe. Moreover, it is possible to enter a maximum limit value for these parameters. The application will then calculate the pipe dimensions that most closely match the specified project conditions. In the case of aeraulic plants, the application allows for sizing conduits with either round or rectangular cross-section.

Calculation of localised head losses

Localised head losses refer to non-linear pipe sections, such as bends, bottlenecks, branches and similar features. By means of a dedicated graphic support, the application allows for choosing one or more types of localised head losses, and calculating both the individual values and the total sum.

Pipe Sizer Table & Diagrams
Tables and Diagrams

Pipe Sizer is the evolution of pressure drop tables. Our tables are a design aid, but also a reference tool of theory applied to different use cases in a 'Caleffi Notebook' format useful for your own plant training.

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"I find it very useful for quick dimensioning, and not only that."

"The tables from the glorious Quaderni Caleffi by Doninelli ('Distribution networks') are immediately usable in a fluid and convenient app."

"Add to that a section with int-est diameters in mm for the various types, weight and water content per metre and I give you 5 stars."