Set it and forget it!

Set it and forget it.


THERMOSETTER™:  the industry’s first field adjustable thermal balancing valve

for domestic hot water systems


Automatically maintains recirculation temperature.

Modulates flow rate within each circuit so the hot water temperature at fixtures remains constant.  Place valve in each return branch and they self-balance, negating the need for instrumentation.

Set it and forget it.

Unlike traditional balancing valves, ThermoSetter requires no differential pressure instruments or reference charts.  Simply set knob to desired circuit temperature.  That's it!

Industry-exclusive temperature adjustability.

Field adjustable temperature from 95°- 140°F.  Adjustment knob is lockable for tamper-proofing.

Temperature gauge and dry well.

For circuit temperature indication.  Dry well alternatively can be used for BAS temperature monitoring.

Minimized electrical costs.

When matched with variable speed circulator in constant pressure mode, ThermoSetter valves and circulator harmoniously modulate to optimize energy consumption.

Automatic thermal disinfection.

For systems employing thermal disinfection for Legionella protection, two different model options are available to allow full flow during disinfection cycles.

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