Caleffi XF

Award-Winning Product Innovation

AHR:  Caleffi XF

For seven consecutive years, we have been honored to be recognized by the AHR Innovation Awards judges over the years. Caleffi’s success is based on listening to the marketplace combined with a total commitment to quality. The result? Creative product design, superior performance and support that exceeds our customers' expectations.

The Caleffi 577 Series XF “Xtra Filtration” filter is the only product in the hydronic industry with an internal cleaning brush mechanism coupled with magnetic/non-magnetic impurity separation. This innovation facilitates removal of debris at the first pass, yielding an unparalleled system cleaning while maintaining operational efficiency, maximizing heat transfer and component protection.  It is perfect for heat pump and condensing boiler applications due to its multi-filter design, efficient particle separation and unique internal brush mechanism.  

The “triple pass” XF separator-filter ensures initial and sustained system cleaning via three filtering elements. Hydronic fluid enters the low velocity zone body, contacting the concentric mesh filters and the XF’s strong magnetic core. Coarse impurities contact the mesh and fall while any magnetic material is captured by the core. Lastly, fluid flows through a fine mesh filtering 160 µm impurities and larger.  By rotating the top of the XF body, the internal brush scrapes the filter clean.  

The XF is the 2023 winner of DESIGN PLUS powered by ISH and a 2024 AHR Innovation Awards finalist.  Curious about of past winners?  Take a look!


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Caleffi XF "Xtra" Filtration