Why is the plumbing pressure too high? (with Cody Mack)
July 29, 2022

Why is the plumbing pressure too high? (with Cody Mack)

Where does the water come from?  How do you know what pressure you need in a building? Are you over 80PSI?  Are mountain states the only ones who have big fluxuations in municipal water supply pressures?  What is a "noisy little guy?"

In this episode, the guys are throwing paper airplanes and talking about pressure reducing valves.  Our PresCal is sold all over the world, so we have seen some crazy applications.  Dan, Greg, and Cody discuss what pressures you should shoot for when adjusting a PRV.  They also explain why two pressure reducing valves in series may be a great way to go.  If your PRV pressure is creeping up, there is one quick thing you can do to get it back in service, without running to the wholesaler.  

See how Lee's Plumbing is using pressure reducing valves in Logan, Utah in this case study.

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