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February 28, 2023

The Future of BIM is Bright (with Woody Dickinson)

Why should installers care about BIM (building information models)?  Could BIM help you avoid working around other trades in a crowded chase?  What efficiency gains are there with prefabrication? Can the files detect errors, before the product is even purchased? What is a digital twin?    

In this episode, the guys are talking to Woody Dickinson.  Woody knows Caleffi's technical details like the back of his hand.  With BIM, he is able to take a career's worth of engineering knowledge and integrate it into three-dimensional construction files.  While BIM is often only used to make sure everything will fit into a room, there is so much more.  Hear how this technology is solving problems on drafting tables and in actual mechanical rooms.        

Thanks for tuning in!

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