When does solar thermal make the most sense? (with Bob Rohr)
April 03, 2023

When does solar thermal make the most sense? (with Bob Rohr)

What drives the adoption of solar hot water systems?  Are there specific factors that signal the beginning or end of a spike in system installations?  Which applications are always a good fit?  What qualifications do you need to work on these systems?  How do you evaluate a site to know if the location is good for solar?

In this episode, Greg and Dan are joined by Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence winning Caleffi Training Manager Bob Rohr.  Over his career, Bob has been all over North America to help install, commission and educate about solar thermal systems.  The team will talk about when and where financial incentives have helped offset the cost of these systems.  They also discuss resources to help evaluate potential sites for solar.  For rebates specific to you zip code, check dsireusa.org.

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