An Industry Insider's Perspective (with Steve Smith from PHCPPROS)
September 07, 2022

An Industry Insider's Perspective (with Steve Smith from PHCPPROS)

What has Steve Steve learned about the plumbing and heating industry since 1990?  What happens at the MCE Mostra Convengo trade show in Italy? What part of the Caleffi factory reminded Steve of Raiders of the Lost Ark? How do you, "automate for the best?"  What was Steve's favorite meal? Why has nobody interviewed this guy before?  

In this episode, Dan and Greg sit with Steve Smith to hear more about his recent trip to Italy to visit the Caleffi factory and visit Mostra.  He details some of the most memorable sections of the tour, on the topics of manufacturing, company culture, and even coffee culture.  Find out how manufacturers and contractors can learn from each other and find the right information at the right time.  

Thanks for tuning in!

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