How do I design a hydronic system for different temperature emitters?
February 10, 2016

How do I design a hydronic system for different temperature emitters?

The most basic, and typically the most economical, way to design a hydronic system for multiple temperatures is to use thermostatic mixing valves. This relatively simple concept can easily become complicated and expensive, however. Fortunately, Caleffi has some great resource material to help you design the right system for pretty much any multi-temperature application. I'll keep this blog post short and steer you to our idronics Technical Journal issue #7, Mixing in Hydronic Systems and our January 2016 Coffee with Caleffi webinar Multiple Temperature Regulation in Hydronic Systems. Check them out!  If you have any questions, contact your local Caleffi dealer or us here at Ask Caleffi.

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Shad McGrath
January 04, 2019

I am wondering what size mixing valve I should order for my hydronic floor heat. I originally have ordered 1" TMV 521619a from houseneeds .com. I have one zone with 4 circuits of 250-300 feet of 1/2" pex in floor joists, and another zone with 2 circuits of 250 feet of 1/2" pex in concrete.Each will have its own pump and TMV. I was needing some sizing assistance if possible, since I believe I have oversized the TMVs. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Shad McGrath

January 11, 2019

Shad, the 521619A will control from 1 GPM to over 10 GPM. Having one for each loop will be overkill. Suggest having one to serve all 6 zones, or one for your 4-zone and one for your 2-zone for better control.