Can the Caleffi PRV be mounted upside down?
July 26, 2017

Can the Caleffi PRV be mounted upside down?

We advise no; keep the body above the horizon when mounted in a horizontal pipe, or mount it in a vertical pipe. If mounted under the pipe there is a potential for dirt and other sediment to settle in the diaphragm and other moving parts of the cartridge which may, over time, affect the performance of the valve. The 535H Series Pressure Reducing Valve is high-performance, durable product that will provide many years of reliable service when installed according to the instructions. Water conditions vary widely; if scale or sediment build up enough to affect the performance of the PRV, the entire cartridge can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement without removing the valve body from the piping.

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Thomas Drouin
February 09, 2018

A homeowner has a CALEFFI 553549A Auto Fill Automatic Boiler Fill Valve installed to feed the boiler. It is mounted upside down. Your instructions note on Notation #1, Page 16 of instructions that it is vital that this valve NOT be installed upside down. What will happen if it is installed upside down?

Eugene Barufkin
November 15, 2018

Can a 5080 series be installed horizontally?
Cost please?
Where can I buy one in the Milwaukee WI area or by mail?

November 12, 2019

I’m trying to figure out if I am to mount the 535 valve in the correct position . The arrows on the unit point in one direction . The pressure gauge is facing in the correct position to read it , but consequently the arrows are pointing in an upward direction . Can you clear this up ???? Thanks Nick


In reply to by Nicholas

November 12, 2019

HI Nick,

The important part of the installation is to have the valve installed with the arrow in the direction of water flow. If this leaves the gauge pointing in the wrong direction you can spin the gauge 180 degrees to face in a direction that can be read. Please contact us anytime if you have additional questions.

Best Regards,

Dan Firkus
Caleffi North America