Adjustable Thermal Hot Water Balancing
September 09, 2019

Adjustable Thermal Hot Water Balancing

by Woody Dickinson, Marketing Technical Manager of Caleffi North America, Inc.
     as featured in PHCP PROS Magazine
     June 2019 

Within a multi-circuit hot water recirculation system that uses traditional mechanical balancing valves, significant fluctuation of water temperature can occur due to the cyclical periods of hot water demand and fluctuation in the supply temperature from the hot water source.

A new type of valve called a thermal balancing valve, Caleffi’s THERMOSETTER™ can control water temperature in the circuits more precisely. This is because it modulates flow to maintain a set temperature while the above-described hyperdynamic conditions occur. The result is the avoidance of excessively low or high temperature at the fixtures and significant savings in pump electrical energy costs. 

The THERMOSETTER temperature set-point is field adjustable from 95° F to 140° F. An internal thermostatic cartridge expands and contracts in response to the water temperature entering the valve, thus modulating flow. It allows full flow through the valve at ambient temperature; as the water heats and the temperature approaches the user-set value, the valve closes until the set value is reached. 

Read the full article as featured in PHCP PROS Magazine.

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