Caleffi and the Swissôtel the Stamford Singapore

Swissôtel the Stamford Singapore

Sport and Hospitality


Swissôtel The Stamford is a five-star Singapore’s Leading Business Hotel and one of the tallest hotels in Southeast Asia. The 1,261 guestrooms and suites with private balconies provide breathtaking views of Singapore’s cityscape and nearby islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Here shopping, dining, entertainment and business opportunities are fully satisfied by the 70,000 square feet Raffles City Convention Centre, the top-quality 15 restaurants and bars and a magnificent huge Ballroom.



In a 5-star hotel the domestic problems on water supply are never allowed neither accepted. Flow rate, temperature, pressure fluctuation and safety need accurate control to guarantee the best comfort to the hotel’s guests. Among the main parameters to focus on, water pressure is the most important: avoiding huge fluctuations during the day when the demand is variable is a big challenge. From the technical point of view Caleffi is the reliable partner manufacturing high-quality products for over five decades. Pressure control is guaranteed by the pre-adjustable PRV installation.

In order to achieve the best performance, Swissôtel Stamford’s property decided to replace the old PRVs already installed in the main risers with smaller high quality peripheral units Caleffi branded. This way pressure is controlled with accuracy and reactivity in both cold and hot sanitary water lines.

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