Caleffi and Sinpaş Finance City

Sinpaş Finans Şehir, İstanbul

Housing estate

The development project, conceived and created by Sinpaş, is located in the vicinity of Istanbul's financial centre and is aimed at those wishing to live in the heart of the financial world.
The project, consisting of a total of 2,550 homes, offers an exclusive, contemporary, city lifestyle, featuring a home-office and located within commercial areas. There are also a limited number of private villas and a huge park extending over 36,500 square meters. In contrast to existing construction concepts in the region, the Sinpaş Finance City architecture extends horizontally and its leafy, residential area is uniquely located right next to Istanbul’s financial district and boasts extensive green spaces, affording a feeling of openness even at street level.
Furthermore, Forbes, the world's leading business and economics magazine, has chosen Sinpaş Finance City as the project with the highest living standards and potential return on investment, awarding it a record 85.8%, the highest in its 50 branded housing projects.

Caleffi stands out as the brand of choice for the Heating and Plumbing solutions at this exclusive, luxury project. Caleffi Pressure Reducing valves used for water entering the apartments help ensure stabilised cold water pressure. The apartments are equipped with a floor heating system featuring intelligent distribution manifolds that make micrometre flow adjustments as needed. Zone Control Valves were adopted for heat control and comfort, whilst Differential Pressure Control Valves were chosen to ensure differential pressure in the variable flow circuits remain constant.