Children's medical centre at the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai


The children's medical centre belonging to the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai is a hospital built in 1998 as part of the “HOPE” project thanks to the combined efforts of the municipality of Shanghai and an American association. The centre has about 200 rooms for youngsters as well as laboratories and teaching rooms..

In 2012 it proved necessary to carry out some redevelopment work as there had been numerous complaints over the years about the poor state of the hot water system: the temperature of the output water was unstable and unsatisfactory. In view of the nature of the building itself and the impossibility of suspending health services provided inside the hospital, Caleffi drew on its skills and experience to improve the situation without creating a major impact on day-to-day running. Caleffi's technicians dedicated their best efforts to renewing the hot water system and carried out the installation of 524 series thermostatic mixing valves for centralised systems resolving a problem that had afflicted the centre for years.