Caleffi and Nuestro Cartago


Office and Commercial building

The shopping center Nuestro Cartago will have 18 thousand square meters of commercial area, which will consist of 160 stores, the anchor of the supermarket is 14, 6 movie theaters, Royal Films, children's playground. It will be the largest shopping center in the north of Valle.
The bioclimatic study of this project was based on 5 basic aspects: Analysis of environmental pre-existences. Sundown. Natural ventilation. Natural lighting. Thermal behavior of materials.
[Architectural design, source and credits:  Vector Group Engineers]

The valves installed in the project are automatic and dynamic water flow regulators (Autoflow / Caleffi) sized according to the diameters indicated by the jobsite and the condensate water flows specified in the air conditioning design for each commercial premises, common areas or food stores, in order to guarantee the designed flow.
Additionally, the project has air conditioning thermal energy meters, for each of the commercial premises, located at the point of consumption and for the central air conditioning system of the shopping center.
The model of the flowmeter for the premises is the CONTECA ULTRA (Caleffi), ultrasonic thermal energy meter produced according to 2004/22 / EC (MID) (Measuring Instruments Directive) for cooling and/or heating systems applications (maximum temperature 90 ° C) with pulse output, NTC temperature sensors, data displayed on the device with 8 "display, temperature range 2 to 90 ° C, protection class IP54, BI-DIRECTIONAL transmitter Bus R485, power supply 24V (ac) 60Hz - 1W Equipped with remote activation.
Three additional pulse inputs, two digital inputs for status / alarms and one output relay will be optionally available.
The model of the meter for the central system of the shopping center is the CONTECA TOUCH, a controller for the administration of the thermal energy consumption that by means of a pre-installed software allows the preview and automatic presentation of the energy consumptions (cooling) and other values totalized by additional metering’s (potable water, etc).
The controller is connected to the heat meters or BTU meters of each location via bus cable transmission with a maximum length of 1200 m (cable code 755855 LSC). It must allow the management of a number of up to 250 users or premises.
It is also possible to monitor and analyze the status of operation of each unique user, showing all the instantaneous data (zone status ON / OFF, flow and return temperature, flowrate and instantaneous power).