Caleffi and Bio26


Housing Estate and Commercial Buildings

BIO26 is a project of mixed institutional and commercial use located in Las Palmas, an important service corridor in the city of Medellín. Its composition arises from the desire to separate its programmes and phases into three separate volumes unified by an open, public ground floor plane containing the principal commercial spaces.
The southernmost volume contains La Quinta Inn, a hotel with capacity for 75 rooms, together with their service and technical spaces. The second and third volumes house offices of different sizes, each one capable of functioning independently. The formal composition is based around the study of the visuals from the building’s different vehicular and pedestrian approaches. This gives rise to the geometry of each tower and its internal spaces.
The project seeks to optimize consumption of resources through the application of sustainable strategies such as its double skin that minimizes thermal radiation, achieving a reduction in the energy consumption from air conditioning. Solar hot water systems, use of recycled materials, and prefabrication are also implemented.
Finally, the project is completely realized using a BIM platform, which has permitted the effective coordination of architectural design with the large variety of technical consultants.
[source and credits: OPUS ESTUDIO]

An automatic and dynamic water flow regulator, type Autoflow Caleffi, has been installed at the entrance to each office.
The AUTOFLOW device guarantees a constant flow, even if there is a different pressure upstream and downstream. The AUTOFLOW are automatic regulators of high performance, maintaining the chosen flow with very limited tolerance margins (around 10%) and allow a very wide field of work.
We took into account the installation of a separator of micro bubbles and sludge, of the industrial type, which will be located inside the cooler and water pumps room, type DISCALDIRT.