Belgrade Waterfront at Dusk - Render. Caleffi among the suppliers


Housing Estate and Commercial Buildings

"Belgrade Waterfront will feature world class residences and offices, the biggest shopping destination in the Balkans, premium hotels, cultural venues, educational institutions, modern healthcare amenities and a wide range of leisure attractions.

Belgrade Waterfront, developed by Eagle Hills, takes urban renewal to new heights - a smart city for a future that combines commerce, culture and community. Built around the tallest tower in the region, this monumental master-planned district will bring new life to an otherwise under-utilized site, and to the city as a whole. This lively mixed-use quarter, resting over the Sava river, will bring further pride and passion to the city's new heart. Connected with the historic town by an efficient tram network, the new centre will become a hub for businesses of all kinds, with a focus on technology and design. Belgrade Mall, the regions largest, is a magnet for shopping, entertainment and tourism, while new performance venues cater to culture and the arts. Riverside restaurants and cafes keep the whole area buzzing day and night as locals and tourists stroll along the promenade the natural destination for big public celebrations. The mix of districts, medium and high-rise buildings, and extensive green spaces create a lively new destination that will draw both new residents and international visitors. Belgrade Waterfront - a truly mixed-use environment that will usher in a new era of prosperity for the Serbian capital."
[source and render credits: Belgrade Waterfront Website]



Caleffi 521503 series  tempering valves were  installed at each unit to accurately deliver tempered hot water to fixtures with reliable operation and minimal head loss. 227 valves were installed in every apartment to insure proper mixing and energy saving.