Alya Life Residence İstanbul

Alya Life Residence

Housing estate

Ekşioğlu Yapı’s new Alya Life Residence Project is located in the much sought-after district of Fikirtepe, Istanbul, where property value is constantly on the rise and it is conveniently located near the E-5 highway and Bosphorus Bridge link roads.

Its panoramic windows and unique location affords residents a dynamic life-style with breath-taking sea views.
Each apartment was designed with optimum space in mind, with residents having access to both open-air and indoor swimming pool facilities, gyms, basketball courts and saunas, not to mention a 100 m2 car park area.

The single-block project extends over 3 acres. By choosing one of Alya Life Residence 214 apartments spread over 19 floors and a ground floor, you will be opting for peace and tranquillity, just a stone’s throw of the city centre.  

Caleffi Solutions:
Caleffi was the brand of choice for various systems installed in the project, including its boiler pressure Safety Relief Valve, which regulates overpressure to help prevent damage to system components. Caleffi’s 5026 Automatic Air Vents were used in end columns to automatically discharge excess pressure; thus preventing unwanted noise, erosion to circuit devices and reduced performance in the heating units. Caleffi’s 130 series Static Balancing Valves were used to regulate the flow rate of the heat fluid in the heat exchangers. Pressure Reducing Valves were installed at the entrance of each apartment to control water pressure. Caleffi’s high-temperature, 5334 series Pressure Reducing Valves (in this case, the 5334H) were installed (it works up to a maximum inlet water temperature of up to 80 °C). Also, thanks to its 140 series Differential Pressure Regulating Valve, the differential pressure found between two points of a plumbing circuit is kept constant to the set value.