5. Levent Projesi, İstanbul

Housing Estate and Commercial Buildings

Torunlar REIC launches 5. Levent stands out foremost for its unique transportation facilities. It is located along the TEM Highway in Istanbul, at the intersection of existing and planned major transportation links to include Metro lines at the Alibeyköy junction.
In addition to its proximity to the city, the project also offers the promise of a better lifestyle.
The project includes a wide range of social facilities, including jogging tracks, cycle paths, an ornamental pool and ponds, a “Festival Square”, amphitheatre, basketball and tennis courts and even a football field, most of which with access for both cars and pedestrians. There is a green area set aside for outdoor activities, featuring children’s playgrounds and an adventure-themed park, where children can play in complete safety in the open air.

The project includes 4000 new homes, a university education area, a 4000 m2 street-style Shopping Mall, 2 schools and 2 mosques. Over 50% of 5 is allocated to green space. Levent offers residents a ”better lifestyle in the heart of the city”.
In a project that promises so much, Caleffi stands out as the brand of choice for its Heating and Plumbing Solutions. Caleffi pressure reducing valves have been installed in the residential water system to reduce and stabilise inlet pressure from the water network, which is generally too high and variable for domestic systems to work properly. Furthermore, Caleffi Pressure Reducing valves also control the pressure of hot and cold water entering the apartments, to ensure a steady flow of water.

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