iStop®PLUS,  the compact valve to protect the system from ice


During MCE 2024, our exhibition area featuring heat pump system protection devices gave an exclusive presentation of our new compact antifreeze valve iStop®PLUS.

iStop®PLUS 108 series protects the heat pump system by preventing ice from forming inside the pipes. It was designed to be extremely "compact" and with an offset sensor layout that can be installed in restricted spaces on top of another valve.
The compact antifreeze valve provides a mechanical protection system that operates perfectly without electricity. When the temperature of the water in the pipe drops below 3°C, the obturator of the antifreeze valve opens and drains off the water.
An additional plus of the new iStop® are the highly advanced, top quality materials used to produce it: they enable it to operate correctly even when the water in the system has reached temperatures of up to 90ºC.

By improving the performance of the heat pump system, our new compact antifreeze valve is one of our products that support energy transition. MCE 2024 acknowledged its contribution by awarding it the MCE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2024 - Efficiency & Innovation for Transition Goals as proof of its efficiency, innovation and contribution to sustainability.