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CALEFFI XF receives a new and prestigious award!


On October 4th our OEM Key Account Manager focused on heat pump systems, Dennis Boetto, will collect the ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Architecture award from the German Design Council, at BMW WELT in Munich.

Caleffi XF is part of the range of products dedicated to Energy Solutions: the ones focused on providing an important contribution to energy saving, reduction of consumption, and a more intelligent approach to the heating and cooling system management.

The energy transition is revolutionising our lives in industry, transport and even in our homes. Fossil fuel used for domestic heating accounts for 36 % of carbon dioxide emissions. We can replace it with high-efficiency heat pumps, but these need to be protected.
To be more precise, their operation can be compromised by impurities within the hydraulic circuit.

In fact, heat exchanger performance is particularly sensitive to the quality of the system water; deposits and scale build-up can have very damaging effects on efficiency and consumption levels.

CALEFFI XF PROTECTS THE SYSTEM WHILE MAINTAINING ITS EFFICIENCY: it separates impurities from the very first passage and prevents reduced heat pump flow rates thanks to its large filtering surface.

We are very proud of this latest award given to CALEFFI XF: for us, this product represents innovation, Caleffi in-house design and production values and a tangible commitment to the energy transition. We design solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment, capable of satisfying the requirements of future generations in terms of heating and cooling, sustainable comfort and energy saving: with CALEFFI XF we truly achieved our goal.

xf iconic awards