New site in Polish


Poland is expanding considerably. In a strategic position in the centre of Europe’s main routes, it represents the largest market in Central East Europe, with 38 million inhabitants.

To give an idea of its potential, the Government estimates approximately 8.5 billion euros will be invested in 2014-2020 for the construction of more than 700 kilometres of dual carriageway, to consolidate the country’s infrastructure and facilitate transport and logistics.


In terms of energy efficiency, after initial concerns over the EU Directive on the “promotion of renewable energy sources”, considering the historic sourcing of coal from it large natural deposits, Poland has ratified and established that by 2020 15% of energy consumption will be from renewable sources. This will be a slow and lengthy process, because despite alternative energy sources making considerable progress, the Polish authorities are determined to continue their investments in fossil fuels.

Among alternative sources, biomasses could be favoured, as they are already used for local and district heating, but solar power is also gaining ground thanks to important government incentives in the last two years.

Just a few figures to outline an interesting market, where Caleffi operates with an increasingly organised structure and where it is exporting its model to distribute know how, as it has done in other countries.

So, having website in Polish is a natural step.
The aim is to introduce the vast range of products available to the market, and explain the considerable expertise and technical skill of a company that offers far more than conventional valves for radiators.

And this is challenge we are ready to take up.

Dobra nawigacja!