CALEFFI XF e CALEFFI HED®: protect heat pump system efficiency


MCE 2024 was an opportunity to launch our new high-efficiency deaerator CALEFFI HED® 5516 series.

We included the product in our exhibition area featuring heat pump systems, to give it prominence against a technical background and attract the installer's thorough attention.
To highlight the new product further we presented it inside the CUBOROSSO, a miniature reproduction of our Research Centre, together with CALEFFI XF, our high-efficiency filter. 
Both were described at different levels, by showing the 7 production steps, which enable us to achieve the end product, and by lingering on the advantages of being able to control the sustainability of the entire process in-house: a greater control of resources plus closer attention to the raw materials, and targeted, performance-enhancing investments facilitate the energy transition process of both product and process.


  • The new CALEFFI HED® 5516 series, a high-efficiency deaerator, removes up to 99% of the air in the system water from the very first passage, ensuring optimal operation and prevention of impurities. Thanks to its high level of efficiency, it minimizes consumption, increases energy saving, reduces maintenance costs, minimizes not only noise pollution in pipes and outlets, but also component corrosion, flow blockages and insufficient heat exchange.
  • CALEFFI XF 577 series, a semi-automatic self-cleaning magnetic filter, removes 100% of the impurities exceeding 160 μm inside the system from the very first passage, thanks to its eXtra Filtering double mesh. The internal magnet captures the ferrous impurities and the internal brushes enable the device to be cleaned without taking it apart. It remains effective over time and increases the heat pump system's energy saving, and its premium performance quality guarantees the generator is continually protected.

If installed in the same system, CALEFFI HED® and CALEFFI XF ensure maximum protection and efficiency, with a 15% increase in the heat pump system's energy saving and a reduction in maintenance costs.