stand caleffi MCE

If you haven't visited us, here our stand at Mostra


Get a sense of our stand through some photos we took last week and let your eye be grabbed by new graphics, new technology and the new Experience area. 

Products have been placed into working systems or touch screen systems with the aim to put them into an effective context.

We focused on spreading out the product area icons and colours so that our guests could immediately recognize which products were/are part of which spefic area, among Heating, Control, Plumbing, Heat Systems, Renewables. 

We announced our new corporate claim: we are PEOPLE BUILDING VALUE and a huge ledwall installed behind the receptions showed a video communicating our main assets: growth, future, knowhow, customercare, synergy. 

At the end, the Experience expo area offered some intro and interactive videos with our new website and our YouTube channel as well as this year real surprise: the C+ GAME we are going to dedicate a special piece of news soon.