Acquisizione Fratelli Creola

Caleffi acquires Fratelli Creola


The CALEFFI Group is pleased to announce that on 11th July 2023 it completed the acquisition of Fratelli Creola S.r.l., a company that has been operating in the local galvanic industry for more than 60 years, specialising in chrome and nickel plating.

The two companies have enjoyed a long-standing partnership that has grown stronger over the years, based on mutual esteem, which started with the founders Francesco Caleffi and Lorenzo and Quinto Creola and continues to this day with Marco Caleffi and Marco Creola.

Therefore, the CALEFFI Group will ensure that Fratelli Creola can continue to operate and that production activities, business relations and, in a broader sense, the current corporate organisation will remain unaffected.

In addition to this, Mr Marco Creola will continue to be a valuable resource in the company.

This acquisition reflects the determination of the CALEFFI Group to intensify efforts to improve all the processes of its production chain.

Fratelli Creola acquisizione