The new official Caleffi website in Russian is now online


In March 2014 we completely re-designed our web site, with new graphics and an entirely new structure.
And we added Russian among the languages at disposal.

We switched from a technology that was no longer latest-generation, to a more flexible, modular platform, which enables us centrally to coordinate the content management assigned to the various international teams and centralise as much information as possible in a brand-new database capable of serving as a fully fledged engine for projects outside the platform.

The graphic style reflects the new line of communication, founded on the slogan 'People building value' and on five of the values that have always been the hallmark of the company: customer care, long-term vision, a belief in the need to grow, commitment to making a substantial contribution to the industry know-how and synergy with customers. But in terms of content, the product catalogue and a comprehensive range of Caleffi know-how still lie at the heart of the site. As for the moment, the Russian market will be served with a .pdf catalogue.

We deliberately avoided choosing responsive design for a site like ours, which is intended primarily for desktop use. We did, however, decide to develop a version optimised for smartphones, using the same technological backend and selecting the content according to the possible types of use by our target audience (for example, quick consultation of data directly from the construction site).

One of the main aims of the site is to bring the brand to foreign markets more effectively than before: 19 countries are currently on-line, but we expect to activate more before the end of the year. The idea is to communicate with installers, wholesalers and specifiers in their own language. The project is ambitious without a doubt, but it is in line with the company philosophy based on training and adding to the stock of know-how at the disposal of the industry.

Enjoy the browsing!