Job well done!


Mark Olson's words sound satisfied: “This was Equipco’s first full year as a Caleffi rep and to win our top award is a testament to their aggressive work promoting our line. And Mechanical System’s 2000 showed again their focus on technical support – we train them and they make it happen - rarely do we get a tech call from their market”, he stated.

The prestigious Pinnacle Award – an indication of excellence in sales, service and support – was given to Jason MacKenzie of Equipco Ltd (Coquitlam, B.C.)The Technical Support Rep of the Year was given to Kim Butts and Al Zanidean of Mechanical Systems 2000, Inc. (Calgary, Alberta).

Marco Caleffi (COB), Mark Olson (GM, North America), Dale Cikaluk (Sales Manager) and Fabio Rossi (Area Manager) were on hand to recognize our Manufacturer’s Representatives at a recent meeting in New York City.

Who is in the pictures?

First photoEquipco Ltd. (Mark Olson, Dale Cikaluk, Jason MacKenzie, Marco Caleffi and Fabio Rossi)
cond photoMechanical Systems, 2000 (Mark Olson, Dale Cikaluk, Al Zanidean, Marco Caleffi, Kim Butts, Fabio Rossi)