CALEFFI XF is the winner of DESIGN PLUS powered by ISH


The CALEFFI XF is the winner of DESIGN PLUS powered by ISH.

This magnetic filter with extra power allows unparalleled system cleaning. The semi-automatic self-cleaning function ensures the generator and other devices in the hydraulic heating and domestic water system are continuously protected from impurities, thanks to its special features:

  • Built-in device: filter + dirt separator + magnetic effect
  • Extra Filtering: dual filtration system
  • Semi-automatic cleaning: internal brush mechanism
  • Consistent performance over time: large filtering surface
  • Versatile: installation on both horizontal and vertical pipes

CALEFFI XF is a built-in device made using composite material selected especially for heating and cooling system applications. 

Designed for practical and versatile assembly, maintenance and use as required for circuit flushing, it can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipes, without its functional and fluid dynamic specifications being altered.

The range is complete, and can satisfy all installation requirements for the most diverse central heating systems. The larger sizes (DN 40 and DN 50) have a by-pass which makes it possible to restrict the flow rate passing through the device by up to 50 %, thereby reducing the energy used by the circulator.

Why install the CALEFFI XF magnetic filter?

Maximum system efficiency. Energy saving. Reduced maintenance costs. 

These are the main reasons why installing a mechanical device for the separation of impurities is essential, as specified in standard UNI 8065. In fact, not removing the impurities in heating and air conditioning systems can cause a number of problems: blocked and seized pumps, lower heat exchanger efficiency, irregular operation of the valves and insufficient heat exchange.

The dirt separators and strainers available on the market often do not guarantee protection of the components in any stage of operation. CALEFFI XF, however, eliminates the particles of impurities from the very first passage, maintaining its efficiency over time.

Where should CALEFFI XF be installed?

It should be installed upstream of the generator so as to preserve its efficiency even after an extended period of time. Plus, to ensure it can be used in both smaller and medium-sized systems, CALEFFI XF comes in a wide range of sizes: from 3/4” to 2”.


CALEFFI XF advantages

Dual filtering effect

The first effect comes from an internal mesh element which, consisting of a set of radially-arranged surfaces, separates the larger impurities through the process of collision, making them fall into the large collection chamber. The result is only achieved after the medium has been recirculated several times and the system is therefore running.

The second effect is provided by an outlet strainer with a large surface area which, thanks to its very fine mesh, mechanically captures all the particles with a diameter of 0.16 mm and upwards from the very first passage of the medium. 

This dual filtering effect means that CALEFFI XF can capture particles which are two times smaller than those filtered by most strainers available on the market, which are generally only effective for particles over 0.4 - 0.5 mm in size. Purification is therefore truly effective and consistent over time.

Plus, thanks to its large filtering surface of 9800 mm2, CALEFFI XF minimises the risk of clogging due to dirt, in comparison with normal strainers fitted with mesh elements that do not exceed 6000 mm2 in size.

All ferrous impurities are trapped inside the inner body which has a strong magnetic field generated by the central magnets.

Quick and easy maintenance

The device does not need to be cut off and removed for strainer mesh cleaning as it has an internal brush mechanism. Simply turn the knob at the top so that the brushes clean the inside of the filter and make the impurities fall into the bottom of the component. The special “helical” layout of the brushes means that the impurities are only channelled downwards, preventing their dispersion.

Finally, the metal spatula at the base of the mechanism thoroughly cleans the bottom of the device by removing any encrusted impurities.